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Papi Cannabis

“Flower has power. I work with my partners to carefully select flower that will produce the potency and effect that I have always been expected to deliver. I always keep Papi pre-rolled blunts on hand to get me through my day and I am proud to share them with you.”
– David Ortiz aka Big Papi

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Margarita Chill

Eat then Chill! Margarita Chill Cannabis Gummies are a 10 pack of Margarita Flavored Cannabis Gummies. These gummies are made with full-spectrum oil and are all effect based. Margarita Chill contains 100MG of THC per pack. A punch of sweet Margarita in Every Bite.  Vacation Vibes are imminent when you pop one of these Cannabis Gummies. Find your relaxing place with Margarita Chill, available with Sativa, Indica, and THC/CBN options.

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Fireball Cannabis Gummies

You recognized the logo correctly! This is the Official Cannabis Product of Fireball Whisky®. Fireball Cannabis Gummies are a 100MG THC pack of gummies made with sativa specific oil, providing a truly uplifting edible experience. This is the perfect gummy to conquer your day or night. The gummies do not contain any Fireball Whisky but are made with the same fiery flavoring found in Fireball Whisky®.

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Because nature moves at its own pace, Superflux believes in taking the time to produce the best they can, not the most they can. Creating Superflux takes many months of attention, dedication, and passion. Cultivation starts by selecting the right genetics from seed, then fostering the growth of cannabis seedlings from germination into hundreds of mature, flowering plants. Sorting through tables of individual plants to find favorites requires careful evaluation, a keen nose and a discerning eye—all honed through years of experience. Superflux’s strain inventory is born out of direct interaction with the plants’ unique qualities—leaf shape, flower size, genetic traits, smell, trichomes—and the volumes of data that catalog every statistic—cannabinoid content, terpenes, levels of purity. Superflux is for anyone curious to find the next level of flavor and sophistication in the craft of cannabis. Get the most from every moment, from seed t o self.

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